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Flexible Foam Egg Protector for BT-80

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Available in limited quantities while prototyping

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Protect fragile egg payloads with these lightweight flexible foam paylaod protectors. The egg-shaped cavity in the middle fits eggs matching the TARC egg specification perfectly, and the equatorial access reduces time to load and unload vertically oriented payloads. This lightweight but highly compressible foam has been tested to successfully protect a raw egg in a 33 ft/second (10 m/s) impact, when used in conjunction with Rocketry Works' BT-80 Flexible Foam Nose Cone. These payload protectors are sized to slide in and out of a BT-80 payload tube smoothly, with just a strip of ribbon or paper slung beneath a stack of 1 or more egg protectors.

The standard BT-80 foam egg protector weighs 29 grams.

 Hand made in America.

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Additional Information

29 grams (1.02 oz)
75 mm (2.95 in)
64 mm (2.52 in)
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