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Flexible Foam BT-80 Nose Cone

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Available in limited quantities while prototyping
  • Rocketry Works BT-80 Foam Nose Cone Aft View
  • Rocketry Works BT-80 Foam Nose Cone

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Ideal for egg lofting and TARC models, this flexible foam BT-80 nose cone features a smooth finish, and it helps absorb the impact of landing a fragile payload. The foam material in this nose cone is is highly compressible, providing superior cushioning to fragile payloads. This nose cone also features a central 18mm cylindrical hole to hold an altimeter, and specially designed bumps on the aft end of the nose cone to ensure outside air pressure can reach the altimeter inside the nose cone. Just position vent holes in the 10mm aft of the nose cone shoulder.

If you use this nose cone to secure a payload, make sure you secure the nose cone well; electrical tape grips the nose cone well, so a full perimeter of electrical tape will secure the nose cone to the payload tube. But removing electrical tape from the foam will damage the surface, so it's best to leave a perimeter of electrical tape on the nose cone just above the payload tube, and another perimeter of electrical tape at the forward end of the payload tube. Then apply the tape to secure the nose cone to the payload tube across the two strips of tape.

In field testing, Rocketry Works nose cones and egg protector combinations have protected eggs in rockets impacting at up to 33 ft/sec (10 m/s)!  While that speed is an unsafe recovery speed and is  likely to damage your rocket, it offers you flexibility in your recovery choices.  As long as the primary force is along the rocket's long axis, your egg is unlikely to break at normal recovery speeds.

The standard BT-80 foam nose cone weighs 50 grams.

Hand made in America.

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Additional Information

50 grams (1.9 oz)
Nose Cone Length:
65 mm (2.56 in)
Nose Cone Diameter:
65.5 mm (2.58 in)
Shoulder Length:
30 mm (1.18 in)
Shoulder Diameter:
65.15 mm (2.56 in)
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