Electronic Accessories

Electronic Accessories

  • Altimeter Protector

    Jolly Logic

    Altimeter Protector

    This Velco® closed Nomex® sleeve fits comfortably over Jolly Logic altimeters, protecting the sensitive electronics from hot ejection gasses. The bright colored fabric also aid in recovery, particularly if your altimeter separates from the rest...
  • Chute Release is a small, siple dual deployment alternative to allow your rockets to recover safely without drifting too far.

    Jolly Logic

    Chute Release

    Overnight, Jolly Logic's ChuteRelease revolutionized model rocket parachute recovery. Traditionally, model rockets could use 1 or more electronic altimeters and black powder ejection charges to deploy a small drogue parachute at apogee to slow the...
  • Chute Release in an open Chute Release Protector Chute Release Protector in Black

    Jolly Logic

    Chute Release Protector

    This fire resistant Nomex cloth sleeve for the Jolly Logic ChuteRelease deployment altimeter helps protect your electronics from hot ejection gasses. It comes in multiple colors, allowing you to help spot the device if it separates from the model.
  • Jolly Logic Snap Mount Jolly Logic Snap Mount in position

    Jolly Logic

    Jolly Logic Altimeter Snap Mount

    This snap mount for Jolly Logic AltimeterOne, AltimeterTwo, and AltimeterThree manufactured after 2013. It includes two screws or two bolts with nuts to secure the snap mount to a payload sled, airframe tube, or other part of a model. You can trim the...
  • Rocketry Works hanging altimeter sled package contents--shown with 1.6 inch width and the PerfectFlite APRA. Altimeter not included.

    Rocketry Works

    Plywood Electronics Hanging Sled

    The first step in keeping an electronic altimeter safe and working well is to fly it in a payload bay, away from volatile ejection gasses.  But also vital is preventing the altimeter from rattling around inside a payload tube. This 1/8 inch plywood...
  • Jolly Logic replacement altimeter battery

    Jolly Logic

    Replacement Jolly Logic Altimeter Battery

    LiPo batteries used in Jolly Logic altimeters can suffer damage from rough landings or from the ravages of time.  This replacement battery works with all Jolly Logic altimeters manufactured after 2013.  You can review Jolly Logic's Visual...
  • AltimeterOne replacement case AltimeterTwo replacement case

    Jolly Logic

    Replacement Jolly Logic Altimeter Case

    Jolly Logic Altimeters are designed to be modular and user-servicable. So if your case is damaged, you can easily replace the case of any altimeter made after 2013.  You can review Jolly Logic's Visual Repair Guide to see what's involved.
  • Jolly Logic

    Replacement Jolly Logic Altimeter LCD

    You can replace the LCD screen in any Jolly Logic altimeter manufactured after 2013 with this LCD screen. You can review Jolly Logic's Visual Repair Guide to see what's involved in the replacement.
  • PerfectFlite Data Transfer Kit


    USB Data Transfer Kit

    MSRP: $24.95
    USB Data Transfer Kit is required to download the flight data from a data logging PerfectFlite altimeter. You'll need the Data Transfer Kit and the PerfectFlite Data Transfer Software to access flight data logged on a PerfectFlite logging altimeter.