3D Printed 24mm Payload Nose Cone

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  • 3D printed 24mm payload nose cone
  • 3D Printed 24mm Payload Nose Cone


Designed to allow flights of Jolly Logic altimeters in 24mm diameter airframes like the Rocketry Works Socrates or Toobish kits, this 3D printed ABS nose cone fits in an 24mm (BT-50) body tube and attaches to the shock cord just like a typical nose cone.   It includes 3 evenly distributed vent holes to allow outside air pressure to equalize inside the payload bay for accurate altimeter measurements.  You secure the nose cone cap to the base using 2 of the 6 included removable plastic rivets. We include extras in case you lose some of the small rivets. Add a small ball of paper towel or tissue to the forward end of the nose cone for padding to prevent rattle. Nose Cone weighs 15 grams.  Made of ABS plastic; colors may vary.

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