Safety First

Safety must be your first priority when leading model rocketry activities. Be sure to watch our educational video series (currently in production) on preparing for a launch, which includes key topics:

  • Understanding federal, state, and local laws.
    Estes Rockets maintains a list of state laws that govern the use of model rocket motors.
  • Obtaining permission to fly from the property owner.
    Groups in particular should have written permission in hand at the launch (a printed email is good).
  • Benefits of National Association of Rocketry (NAR) membership
    Liability insurance, Sport Rocketry magazine, and technical resources are the highlights.
  • Following the Model Rocketry Safety Code.
    The safety code is not just a good set of guidelines; following the safety code is required for legal protection.
  • Maintaining adequate adult supervision.
    You know your group best, but a disciplined group will have the best safety record and have more fun.
  • Thank the property owner when you are done.
    Be sure to thank the property owner, and let them know how well it went. Emphasize learning and safety.