Custom Mylar Streamer

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You can choose your own dimensions for Rocketry Works' highly reflective 2 mil thick Mylar streamers!  Just give us some key information the streamer you need, and we'll cut your streamer to length. 

To determine pricing, you're going to need to do some math; this is, after all, rocket science!  But don't sweat it; we'll show you the formula.

  1. Let us know the width and length of the streamer you need in the Streamer Width and Streamer Length fields, above. Units there are in inches.
    For optimal performance, you should aim for a ratio of at least 5 to 1 (length to width). A 10 to 1 ratio is better. Beyond that, and streamers become hard to handle.
  2. Calculate the number of square feet for each streamer. This is the formula:
    width (inches) x length (inches) / 144 = square footage
    For example, a 5 inch x 60 inch streamer is 2.08 square feet, which rounds up to 3 square feet:
    5 x 60 = 300 sq inches
    300 / 144 = 2.08 sq ft -> round up to 3 sq ft
  3. Round any non-integer values up to the next integer.
  4. Enter the number of streamers you need cut to these dimensions in the Streamers Count field.
  5. Multiply your square footage per streamer by the number of streamers you need to determine your total square footage.
  6. Enter the total number of square feet you need in the Quantity field.
  7. Just as a sanity check, let us know the diameter of the airframe tube you're trying to stuff this streamer into.  Streamers can roll up nice and small, but let us double check what you want to do before we start to cut. 

Be sure to read our School of Rocketry article on how to attach and fold streamers for maximum performance.

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