Unlock Learning with Rocketry

Unlock Learning with Rocketry

Reaching kids takes more than just activities. It takes a delicate combination of enthusiasm, engagement, experience, and awareness. Rocketry Works can guide you there. Founded in 2018 by lifelong model rocketry enthusiast and educator James Cramton, Rocketry Works educates, supplies, and supports educators and community leaders who want to teach STEAM skills through model rocketry programs. 

You've found us at the earliest stage in starting our company, and content on the website is evolving rapidly. We have not yet received authorization from USPS to ship model rocket motors, and our line of school and community group rocketry kits is expected to be ready in December.

But we are open for business, and stock levels are accurate, so don't hesitate to let us know how we can help!

23rd Jun 2018 James Cramton

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