Extended Igniter Leads for Houston Launch Controller

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This extended length igniter lead allows you to place an away pad 15, 25, or 35 ft away from the main pad. Designed to work with the Houston launch controller's RCA port igniter connectors, the lead is made of sturdy 18 gauge lamp wire, with hand soldered connections and strain relief at both ends.  Stainless steel clips are easy to keep clean,and are marked with red strain relief.

One safety note on the use of this extended lead.  Always treat all launch pads controlled by the same controller as a part of the same bank, and as such, do not launch off of one pad while there are people at other pads in the same bank.  This extended clip allows you to position a pad at a farther distance from the other pads on the same controller, but do not launch at the away pad while people are at other pads on the same controller.

Hand made in America.

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