Clip Whip

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Rocketry Works Clip Whips are built sturdy for many years of success launching clusters or conducting multiple simultaneous launches.  Ranging in number from 2 to 6 igniter leads, they are made of durable 18 gauge lamp cord, and range in length, depending on the number of pairs of clips. The 6 pair clip whip stretches a full 4 feet, if needed. Clips are stainless steel, and all clip and spider joints are insulated and reinforced with heat shrink tubing. These are best used with a mid power launch controller using a strong 12V lead acid battery to make sure all igniters receive a full charge.

Note that if you are using the clip whip to launch multiple rockets simultaneously, you should follow the Tripoli Safety Code section 6-3, which states:

When three or more rockets are to be launched simultaneously, the minimum spectator and participant distance shall be the value set forth in the Safe Distance Table for a complex rocket with the same total installed impulse, but not more than 610 m (2000 ft), or 1.5 times the highest altitude expected to be reached by any of the rockets, whichever is less.

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