3D Printed Stand-off 1010 Launch Rail Guides: BT-70 to BT-80 (1 pair)

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These 3D printed rail guides are designed to support a BT-70 airframe fitted with a BT-80 payload bay. These guides feature Rocketry Works' unique mounting system that works with either wood glue or epoxy.  These will stick well to a rough paper paper tube, so you may need to sand away any glossy finish on the tube at the mount point. Then, you just need to fill the glue pockets in the rail guide foot with wood glue or epoxy, and make sure that the adhesive bulges up through the holes in the foot to form a "mushroom cap" on top of the foot. This creates a strong anchor for your rail button that will hold up to mid power launches with mid power weighted rockets like TARC egg lofting rockets. Fits 1010 rails, and is not intended for high power use.

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