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3D Printed PNC-60KS Altimeter Bay Nose Cone

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  • 3D printed PNC-60KS Altimeter Bay Nose Cone
  • 3D printed PNC-60KS Altimeter Bay Nose Cone includes extra quick release plastic rivets


This nose cone is an 4.15 inch (10.5 cm) long 3D printed ABS plastic ogive nose cone for BT-60 body tubes. It's a 2 piece nose cone with vents for accurate barometric altimeter measurements--the shoulder and nose cone separate with quick release plastic rivets. At 1.6mm thick walls, it's a sturdy nose cone. Typically, fliers fill the texture of the 3D printed material with wood filler and sand for a smooth finish, but you can chose to fly it unfinished.

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Additional Information

Nose Cone Length:
4.15 inches (10.5 cm)
Nose Cone Diameter:
1.65 inches (42 mm)
Shoulder Length:
1.65 inches (42 mm)
Shoulder Diameter:
1.57 inches (40 mm)
Nose Cone and Shoulder Mass:
1.1 ounces (32 grams)
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