1010 Rail Buttons (2 pack)

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  • 1 pair 1010 rail buttons - white
  • 1 pair 1010 rail buttons - black


Rail buttons, used with a launch rail, provide superior guidance while a mid to high power rocket accelerates to safe flight speed so the fins can guide the model in flight. Rocketry works' rail buttons fit a standard 1010 launch rail, and includes everything you'll need to mount a pair of rail buttons through the airframe:

  • 8-32 phillips-head bolt
  • 8-32T-nut
  • 3 piece nylon guide

To install the rail buttons, drill a 1/4 inch hole in the airframe about an inch or two from the aft end of the rocket, and another 1/4 inch hole  at the center of gravity. Think carefully about how these locations interact with your motor mount, nose cone, or bulkhead couplers, and recovery device. You may need to adjust to accommodate these or other construction considerations.  For example, centering rings may need to be cut to allow the motor mount to slide past the T-nut inside the airframe tube.  Once located in the airframe, apply a small amount of epoxy or epoxy putty to secure the T-nut in place and prevent it from snagging the recovery gear.


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