Wallops Island Launch Pad

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  • Wallops Island Launch Pad with Tilt Foot Extended
  • Wallops Island Launch Pad with Tilt Foot removed
  • Wallops Island Launch Pad Blast Plate Detail
  • Wallops Island Launch Pad Tilt Foot Detail
  • Wallops Island Launch Pad Folded for Transport
  • Wallops Island Launch Pad
  • 6 foot 1010 launch rail
  • 2 piece 8 foot long 1010 launch rail
  • 1010 Launch Rail Stand-off


Rocketry Works' Wallops Island pad is a sturdy pad designed for use with 1010 launch rail, and is ideal for TARC use or for Level 1 and Level 2 flights up to 10 lb rockets. We set out to design an effective but inexpensive pad for TARC teams, and we found ourselves with a sturdy pad that supports much larger rockets than just mid power flights. In true Rocketry Works' product development tradition, the design of the Wallops Island Pad targets the simplest means of reaching the goal, while addressing problems associated with other products on the market.  Our goal with the Wallops Island pad was to produce a high quality launch pad for the TARC community, while keeping the cost to our customers as low as possible.  We're proud of the result--a pad with minimal complexity that meets the basic requirements of a 1010 launch rail system.

The 40 inch radius of the base provides a stable platform for mid to high power rockets up to 10 lbs, and the innovative pinch plate structural support minimizes the welds needed to assemble a sturdy yet portable pad.  Weighing in at just 23 pounds (26 pounds with a 6 foot 1010 rail), the Wallops Island pad folds easily for transport and storage, yet sets up quickly with the include hex wrenches to tighten the legs into place, and to secure the launch rail into the pad. Once set up, you can tip the pad onto 2 legs to allow easy loading of your rocket onto the rail. And if you need to angle your pad away from the crowd or into the wind, you can use the included leg extender to provide a 5 degree angle to the pad.

Product Documentation

Product documentation is available here.


What's in a Name?

Rocketry Works tradition holds that we name our launch pads after famous launch facilities, as an homage to their history and service.  Wallops Island is a barrier island on the Atlantic coast of Virginia that has served as a launch site since 1945, even before the formation of NASA. Today, it is home to NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, which includes the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport. Since the dawn of the space age, Wallops Island has launched sounding rockets, scientific balloons, and elements of the manned space program, including the Little Joe. It also plays a role in supporting NASA missions, including Space Shuttle missions and ongoing NASA missions.

wallops-island.jpg  Wallops Island, Virginia

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