The Mighty Seltzer Rocket

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  • The Mighty Seltzer Rocket by CSC Toys
  • To fly the Mighty Seltzer Rocket by CSC Toys, partly fill the tube with water, load a tablet in the aft end of the rocket. Replace the end cap, invert outside and step back!
  • The Mighty Seltzer Rocket by CSC Toys, fueled and ready to invert outside and step back to watch the launch!
  • Teacher 5-pack of The Mighty Seltzer Rocket by CSC Toys
  • Instructions for The Mighty Seltzer Rocket 5 Pack


The Mighty Seltzer Rocket is an outstanding demonstration of chemistry and Physics in action in a safe outdoor model rocket!  Add a bit of water in the plastic rocket body tube (experiment with how much), rest an Alka Seltzer tablet on the propellant holder, snug the cap on the aft end. Then, set the rocket aft end on the ground outdoors, and back away. In a few seconds, the chemical reaction of the Alka Seltzer reacting with the water will over pressurize the tube, sending the rocket body up to 40 feet in the air! The rocket can be reused many times, and each tablet can be used a few times. And if you need more propellant, just stop by your local drug store for more tablets!  This opens the door for a hands-on encounter discussing the nature of potential energy, pressure, thrust, stability, drag, and chemical reactions!


The Mighty Selzer Rocket makes a great class project to learn about Newton's laws of motion. Their quick and easy cycle time means kids can experiment with the volume of water to use to create the highest flight.  Check out this great writeup and video from a STEAM program Rocketry Works hosted!

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6 inches
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2 inches
Plastic, Foam, Hot Glue, Seltzer
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