Super Big Bertha Plywood Fin Upgrade Set of 4

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  • Super Big Bertha Model Rocket Kit


These 1/8 inch thick plywood replacement fins for the Estes Super Big Bertha kit are a great option to improve your build strength and durability over the stock balsa composite fins that can be damaged in transit or during assembly.  Laser cut to the original specifications for accurate fit in the stock fin slots, motor tube, and centering rings. The original Super Big Bertha fins require the builder to glue 8 balsa veneer fins together, then to glue the veneer fins onto the lattice core fin for a total thickness of 1/4 inch, and a tab thickness of 1/8 inch. These plywood fins come ready to glue into your model, and are stronger than the balsa fins with no significant additional weight for the mid power model. This is a great way to simplify the Super Big Bertha build and finish the project with stronger, longer lasting fins. Upgrade set options include:

  • The option to purchase the Super Big Bertha kit
  • Purchase just the upgrade set for a kit you already have

  • Tabbed and slotted fins for use with the 3 cardboard centering rings included with the original Estes Super Big Bertha kit
  • Tabbed fins with 2 plywood centering rings to replace the stock fins and centering rings entirely.

  • Option to replace the stock plastic threaded motor retainer that comes with the kit with 1 of 2 different aluminum motor retainers


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Additional Information

Weight (per fin):
0.91 ounces (25.75 grams)
Root Edge:
5.9 inches (150 mm)
Semi Span:
2.63 inches (66.75 mm)
Trailing Edge:
1.68 inches (35 mm)
Leading Edge:
5.55 inches (141 mm)
Tip Chord:
5.43 inches (138 mm)
1/8 inch (3mm)
Tab Depth:
0.67 inches (17.09 mm)
Tab Length:
2.49 inches (63.2 mm)
Tab Offset:
1.86 inches (47.3 mm)
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