Payloader Model Rocket Kit

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  • Rocketry Works flexible foam BT-70 nose cone
  • Rocketry Works BT-80 Foam Nose Cone Aft View
  • Estes NC-80B plastic nose cone


The Payloader is a core design that works with a number of different options to suit your flying needs.  You can choose to fly with or without a payload bay, or to include flexible foam egg protector in the bay.  You can also choose  the rocket's diameter--BT-70 or BT-80, the motor mount size--24mm or 29mm, and the nose cone style--either ogive, elliptical, or flexible foam elliptical. You can slim the payloader down to fly on C6 motors using the included 24mm 3D printed motor adapter (with the 24mm motor tube and without a payload), or beef it up to fly on 24mm or 29mm motors. Add the flexible foam nose cone and egg protector, and you can try your hand at flying a raw hen's egg and returning it unbroken. This makes a great rocket kit for middle school or high school students, and it assembles with wood glue or epoxy.  Rocketry Works' new 3D printed motor retainers are unique among motor retainers in that they can be secured using either epoxy (like other motor retainers) or simple wood glue! The Rocketry Works motor retainers are outstanding for school or scout projects, because you don't need to worry about making a mess with epoxy!

 56mm (BT-70) airframe is 24 inches long (not including payload/nose cone). 66mm (BT-80) airframe is 34 inches long (not including payload/nose cone). Make sure you select the nose cone to match the airframe diameter. Computer models suggest this will fly nicely to 1100 ft on an F20-7, but we have yet to validate that prediction.  Test flights coming up soon.

rocksim-logo.jpg Design File BT-70 with 24mm MMT
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