Der Big Red Max Plywood Fin Upgrade Set of 3

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  • Rocketry Works plywood Der Big Red Max upgrade set, including 2 or 3 centering ring options.
  • Compared to the stock multi-part fin assembly requirements shown on the right, the Rocketry Works plywood upgrade set is simple, clean and ready to assemble.

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These 1/8 inch thick plywood replacement fins for the Estes Der Big Red Max kit are a great option to improve your build strength and durability over the stock multi-part balsa fins that can be damaged in transit or during assembly.  Laser cut to the original specifications for accurate fit in the stock fin slots, with the stock motor tube. You can use the stock cardboard centering rings or replace the 3 cardboard centering rings with either 2 or 3 plywood centering rings. The Plywood centering ring option works nicely with just a pair of rings, but it is available with the original design of a 3rd centering ring in the middle to interlock the fin to ensure straight alignment.  The forward centering ring includes a sturdy and accessible shock cord mount. You can also add common additional components for this retro build.

The 3 plywood fins weigh in at 4.15 ounces (116 grams, compared with 1.8 ounces (51 grams) for the stock balsa fins.

The 2 plywood centering ring configuration weighs 0.5 ounces (14 grams), compared with 0.25 ounces (8 grams) for the stock 3 cardboard centering rings.

The 3 plywood centering ring configuration weighs  0.7 ounces (21 grams), compared with 0.25 ounces (8 grams) for the stock 3 cardboard centering rings.

Be sure to evaluate the impact of the additional weight in the fin can as you build--you may need additional nose weight to compensate.

More specifications are available in the Additional Information tab.

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Additional Information

Weight (per centering ring):
0.25 ounces (7 grams)
Weight (complete set of 3 fins and 3 centering rings):
4.85 ounces (138 grams)
Weight (per fin):
1.35 ounces (38 grams)
Root Edge:
5.55 inches (141.0 mm)
Semi Span:
6.00 inches (154.8 mm)
Trailing Edge:
4.89 inches (124.2 mm)
Leading Edge:
7.40 inches (188 mm)
Tip Chord:
4.39 inches (111.6mm)
1/8 inch (3mm)
Tab Depth:
0.879 inches (22.3 mm)
Tab Length:
2.84 inches (72.3mm)
Tab Offset:
2.14 inches (54.3mm)
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