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The Arreaux is a sturdy, high performing 29mm motor mount model with a payload bay. Its 1.9 inch diameter lets it punch through the air to reach altitudes around 3,000 ft on G motors.  Newly redesigned this year, the Arreaux now comes with rail guides, not the 1/4 inch launch lugs it used in the past, and the awkward motor clip is replaced by an Aerotech's aluminum motor retainer. Those changes to this solid performer increase its flexibility, because you can now build the motor mount to accept longer reloads than the motor clip permitted.  They payload bay is great for altimeter electronics away from the harmful ejection gasses, or, it even fits an egg for contest egg lofting or TARC.  The model still uses Aerotech's Fin Loc mounting system for the fins, which minimizes the epoxy needed to secure the fins and motor mount.

Rocketry Works has developed build notes for the 2018 revised Arreaux, which helps clarify the modified instructions, and streamlines a build.  The build notes are available here:

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