Alpha Fin Upgrade 2 mm Basswood Plywood Set of 3

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These 2mm (5/64 inch) thick plywood replacement fins for the Estes Alpha kit are a great option to improve your build strength and durability over the stock balsa fins that can be damaged in transit or during assembly.  Laser cut to the original specifications for accurate replacement of the stock balsa fins. Laser cut from 3/32 inch thick 3 layer plywood with basswood veneer, with cut out tabs to protect the fins in transit.

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Additional Information

Weight (per fin):
0.064 ounces (1.82 grams)
Root Edge:
2.23 inches (56.6 mm)
Semi Span:
1.63 inches (41.5 mm)
Trailing Edge:
2.15 inches (54.5mm)
Leading Edge:
3.07 inches (78.0 mm)
Tip Chord:
1.13 inches (28.8 mm)
5/64 inch (2 mm)
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