3D Printed 24mm Motor Retainer

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  • 3D Printed 24mm Motor Retainer
  • Rocketry Works 3D Printed Motor Retainer Pieces Separately
  • Rocketry Works 3D Printed Motor Retainer
  • Rocketry Works 3D Printed Motor Retainer Glue Recesses Detail


Rocketry Works' 3D printed motor retainer features unique pockets inside the retainer body designed to bond the retainer body to the motor tube with just wood glue.  While epoxy is a better adhesive for the purpose, wood glue will keep this motor retainer bonded during 24mm diameter motor flights. Just line your retainer body with wood glue or epoxy, making sure to get adhesive into the pockets on the inside surface.  Twist the motor retainer body onto aft end of the motor tube, until the tube rests against the flanged aft end of the retainer body. Try to avoid excess glue, which you'll need to clean up before it tries. Made of heat resistant ABS plastic. During flight, insert the motor and secure the motor by screwing the motor retainer cap onto the motor retainer body. 

Note that Estes black powder motors require a motor block when used with this motor retainer. Be sure your model is equipped with a motor block at the correct position, or your motor will launch through your rocket. Composite 24mm motors rely on the aft thrust ring on the motor to secure the motor into place, so they require no thrust ring.

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