3D Printed 18mm-24mm Motor Mount

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  • 18mm - 24mm motor mount assembled
  • 3D Printed 18mm-24mm Motor Mount


Rocketry Works' 3D printed motor mount for 18mm motors inside 24mm airframe tubes is a convenient solution for many school and scout group rocket kits. This is a complete motor mount that fits Estes 18mm motors. We're still testing fit on Aerotech and quest single use motors and Aerotech reloadable motors casings.

The kit includes a twist-on motor retainer cap that twists onto the aft centering ring, a motor block and shock cord mount integrated into the forward centering ring, and a 55mm motor tube to fit standard 18mm motors. The motor retainer body/aft centering ring features unique holes in the retainer body designed to bond the retainer body to the motor tube with just wood glue. Just add a bead of glue around the outside end of the motor tube, and twist the motor retainer body onto the motor tube, making sure to get adhesive into the holes in the side of the motor retainer body. Try to avoid excess glue, which you'll need to clean up before it tries. You can tie a Kevlar shock cord to the forward centering ring, and then glue the forward centering ring/motor block onto the other end of the motor tube. Check both ends of the motor mount for excess glue that could prevent the motor from fitting inside the motor tube. Coil up the shock cord into the forward end of the motor tube to keep it out of the way. Allow the glue to dry to the touch, and add a bead of glue inside a 24mm airframe; insert the forward end of the motor mount into the airframe tube, and add another bead of glue around the inside of the airframe tube, and insert the motor mount the rest of the way into the airframe tube until the thrust ring on the aft centering ring is flush with the end of the airframe tube.  Make sure you don't have any glue on the threads of the motor body, and let the glue dry completely before twisting on the motor retainer body.

Made of heat resistant ABS plastic. Prior to flight, insert the motor and secure the motor by screwing the motor retainer cap onto the motor retainer body. 

Also available as an 18mm standalone motor retainer.


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Additional Information

8.8 grams (0.31 oz)
Inside Diameter:
18.0 mm (0.71 in)
Outside Diameter of Centering Rings:
23.4 mm (0.92 in)
Outside Diameter of Retainer Body:
25.3 mm (0.99 in)
Outside Diameter of Retainer Cap:
25 mm (0.98 in)
Length of Retainer Cap:
13 mm (0.51 in)
Overall Assembled Length:
82 mm (3.23 in)
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