1010 Rail 6 ft - Blemished

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  • This is a blemished unit of the 6 foot 1010 launch rail
  • 6 foot 1010 launch rail
  • 6 foot 1010 launch rail dimensional diagram

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Inbound shipments get damaged from time to time, and one of the most commonly damaged items is our 6 foot 1010 launch rails.  When the package breaks open in transit, rails can slide out and hit the pavement, resulting in minor dents and scratches on an end. That's what these are--slightly damaged, but still fully functional 1010 launch rails.  You may just need to file away some dents on one end or the other, but the fact is, these portions of the launch rail do not impact the rocket's travel along the rail; it's stuck into the launch pad.  So that's what we can tell you about the condition of this rail. It's slightly blemished, but fully functional, give or take a bit of TLC. We have no control over when these are in stock; when product is damaged in transit, we refurbish it and make it available here. This is what you're getting at a discount:

The 6 foot 1010 rail is the standard rail used by TARC launch pads, and is a very common rail for mid and high power rockets under 30 lbs.  Rails provide superior guidance to heavy rockets relative to launch rods, and have become the defacto standard launch guidance for mid and high power rockets. This smooth-finished aluminum 1010 rail is 1 inch on a side, by 6 feet long, and is suitable for most mid and high power rockets under 30 lbs. Some rockets may need more guidance, and should use a longer rail; use your modeling software to determine suitable rail length.

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