1/8 Inch Blast Deflector Stand Off

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  • 1/8 Inch Blast Deflector Stand Off
  • 1/8 Inch Blast Deflector Stand Off in a Rocketry Works Blast Deflector (sold separately)


Rocketry Works' blast deflector mount works with both Rocketry Works and Estes blast deflectors, and it features a flared top to keep rockets off the blast deflector plate while on the pad. While the PLA material used in its construction resists the heat of many low power rocket launches, these do wear out over time or are damaged due to abuse.  Rocketry Works' classroom launch pad is still on its original set of blast deflector standoffs after more than 100 flights each! This replacement launch rod mount comes in three sizes:

  • Fits 1/8 inch launch rods (red)
  • Fits 3/16 inch launch rods (orange)
  • Fits 1/4 inch launch rods (yellow)


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